EUROMAR’s main production consists of every kind of manufactured item made of plastic reinforced by fiber glass, basing on our project or on the customer’s one. EUROMAR is at the same time specialized in making PRFV cylinder bodies like tanks and pipes and the related special parts. These ones can be used by the chemical, petrochemical, iron industries, to realize civil and industrial urbanization works, etc.

We are able to build complete pipelines, using every kind of pipe in plastic material. We have a great variety of welding machine for pipes in HDPE and PP, and weld pipes with different diamaters from 20 mm to 1200 mm.

EUROMAR has added to its main activity of production, assembly, fitting and PRFV pipes, the carpentry division. In fact, it can realize and assemble pipes and medium-heavy carpentry articles.Therefore, EUROMAR can supply complete systems of “piping” and carpentry.

One of the most important of our firm is the civil and industrial site. Our sites are present on a great part of the National and Intenational lands. We have, also, special equipments to make this kind of works

Our production consists of the production of each kind of manifacture, possibile to create both with an our project and with a client’s one. We are particularly specialized in the construction of cylindric bodies in GPR with their special pieces. These pieces are destined to be used in the Chimic, petrolchimic, siderurgic industries and in other civil and industrial sectors

Some examples of applications: • Industry in general • Sewers • Drinking water • Hydroelectric stations • Nuclear Stations • Collectors to carry sea-water • Ballast line • Sea water cooling system • Ventilation system • Tank washing system.